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Daily News Brief

BlackEnergy found in Ukrainian rail, mining systems. Hacktivism in South America, cyber-riots by the calendar. Alleged Cracka arrested.

THE CYBERWIRE (Friday, February 12, 2016) — Trend Micro reports finding indications that hackers who hit Ukraine's power grid made preliminary attacks against that country's mines and railroads. The US Deputy Energy Secretary unambiguously attributes the grid hacks to the Russian government. Read more.

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Daily Podcast 2.11.16

Cyber criminals target taxpayers. Bogus Android apps target Chinese users. New ransomware variant. Paycard skimmers. Anonymous hits targets. And more…

We look at a variety of threats to taxpayers. Ransomware spreads. Anonymous refines target list. Vigilantes go after LizardSquad. VTech revises its terms and conditions. And Joe Carrigan from JHUISI talks about securing your social security number.

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Week-in-Review Podcast 2.5.16

DDoS and ransomware. Malware gets more evasive. Global threat trends. Privacy Shield replaces Safe Harbor. And more.

We discuss trends in cyber crime, what some of the big state actors in cyberspace have in the works, countries trying to balance privacy and security, and take a look at the marketplace. We hear about threat data sharing from the UMD's Markus Rauschecker, and about end-to-end encryption from Virtru's Will Ackerly.

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Latest Interview
Leo Taddeo

Leo Taddeo

CSO, Cryptzone

February 11, 2016 — Leo Taddeo, currently CSO of Cryptzone and former Special Agent in Charge of the Special Operations/Cyber Division of the FBI's New York Office, shared his perspective on the recent apparent compromise of data from FBI networks. Read more.
Latest Coverage

IoT Security Foundation Conference

December 1, 2015 London, England, UK

December 1, 2015, saw the inaugural IoT Security Foundation Conference, held at the Royal Society in London. The IoT Security Foundation, an international, collaborative, vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization, "aspires to be the expert resource for sharing knowledge, best practice, and advice." The Foundation's mission is "to make the Internet of Things secure, to aid its adoption and maximize its benefits," in short, "make it safe to connect." Security of IoT deployment was the conference's focus. The motivation for that focus was clear: raise the general standard of industry practice. Read more.

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