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The CyberWire is a free, community-driven cyber security news service based in Baltimore. Our mission is to provide a relevant and intelligently organized daily digest of the critical news happening across the global cyber security domain. The CyberWire is proud to be an ad-free news product, created by industry, for industry.

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Current Issue

FBI says DPRK hacked Sony. Copycats to follow? Casus belli (probably not)? ISIS shows troubling capability.

THE CYBERWIRE (Friday, December 19, 2014) — The Sony hack still dominates the news, and is likely to do so for some time (barring some comparably hysteria-inducing event). Official FBI attribution of the attack to North Korea just came out: the President may address the matter early this afternoon. (Heed the attribution, but also heed prudently skeptical voices from the security world. Cyber attribution is said to be notoriously difficult.) The soi-disant Guardians of Peace, generally regarded as a DPRK front, tell Sony they're pleased "The Interview" won't be released and promise not to leak any more embarrassing data. The Guardians even go so far as to say they'd be happy to watch the movie themselves as long as Kim Jong-un's death scene is edited out. Read more.
In the Beginning…
Originally, the CyberWire was a daily business and technical intelligence brief for the staff of CyberPoint International. It was created to provide a summary of important cyber security developments distilled from an ever-increasing number of sources. With the aim of helping educate individuals, businesses, and the public about the importance of cyber security and the threats they face every day, the CyberWire opened to the public in September 2012.
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Latest Interview
Keith Mularski

Keith Mularski

Supervisory Special Agent of the Cyber Squad, Pittsburgh Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

November 17, 2014—Back in December of 2012 at a cyber community event in Baltimore, Special Agent Mularski described his experience breaking up organized cyber criminal gangs. This interview gives us a chance to catch up with him about recent developments in cyber law enforcement. Read more.
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