Sponsorship opporunities at CyberWire
Your message, our audience, on a daily basis.

Grow your brand and increase your customer base by educating our audience about your products and services by advertising on The CyberWire. Our highly engaged, tech-savvy, global audience includes executives, experts, and decision-makers from the largest and most influential companies in the cyber sector (and from smaller ones too), major integrators, telecommunications companies, the financial sector, the energy sector, and retailers. Faculty and students from leading research and educational institutions follow us, as do senior government officials in many countries around the world. We think there are few better ways of putting your product, service, or brand in front of this audience of influencers and decision-makers.

Trusted news.

The CyberWire's audience grows organically, based on the quality of our programming and the trust we've built over the years. We only send our subscribers the news, and our contact lists are never used or sold for other promotional purposes (including our own). We've also never purchased contact lists—all of our readers sought us out and opted-in, making them remarkably loyal and engaged. We also get a lot of input and interaction from our audience, and that too helps us continually improve our programming.

Editorial interviews on the CyberWire.

Appearances in on the CyberWire Daily Podcast, Research Saturday, and Hacking Humans are editorial opportunities. We do not accept fees for appearances. If an individual or a company is interviewed or mentioned, it is because our editorial team decided they had something to say, and not just something to sell, and that what they had to say would be valuable to our readers and listeners. We think this core policy has helped us build trust with an audience that has to deal with a lot more noise than signal. For these programs we offer a wide variety of advertising opportunities to help sponsors reach our audience.

Paid appearances.

For organizations wishing for a paid opportunity to appear on a CyberWire program, CyberWire-X offers a short sponsored interview segment following the editorial portion of the show. This portion of the show is identified as a sponsored opportunity, and we only accept sponsors willing to talk with us about substantive issues, rather than directly promoting products or services. While the appearance is paid for, our aim remains, as always, to deliver valuable content to our listeners. CyberWire-X includes the sponsor’s ad in the first part of the show.