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The CyberWire podcasts are our look at what's happening in cyberspace. It provides clear and concise summaries of the news and offers commentary from industry experts as well as our partners.

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A Risk-Based Approach From Spammers to Nation-States

Martijn Grooten of Virus Bulletin discusses the range of threats that he's tracked over the past few decades, his thoughts on threat intelligence, and more.

Recent Podcasts
Episode 845

President Trump declares a state of emergency over the threat from foreign adversaries and the companies they control. (And yes, Huawei, he’s looking at...

Episode 844

Chinese domestic and foreign intelligence services are cooperating more closely in cyberspace. Another set of speculative execution issues is found in...

Episode 843

Russian operators breached two Florida counties’ voting systems, but without altering vote counts. Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro are thought to be the...

Episode 842

Fxmsp criminals are now said to have code from a fourth security company, but none of the claimed victims have been publicly identified. A SharePoint vulnerability...

Steganography enables sophisticated OceanLotus payloads.

Researchers at Blackberry Cylance have been tracking payload obfuscation techniques employed by OceanLotus (APT32), specifically steganography used to...

Episode 841

Fxmsp may have breached three anti-virus companies. US-CERT and CISA warn against a new North Korean malware tool being used by Hidden Cobra: they’re calling...

Episode 840

The Green Leakers release more information about Iranian cyber operators, including details about MuddyWater and the Rana Institute. A misconfigured GitLab...

A data-driven approach to trust.

Joe describes a church scammed out of millions of dollars. Dave shares good news about a group of scammers being apprehended and arrested. The catch of...

Episode 839

Turla is back, and with a clever backdoor called “LightNeuron.” Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report shows that the C-suite remains a big target...

Episode 838

Buckeye seems to have reengineered some of Uncle Sam’s cyber tools, and they did it without, apparently, help from the ShadowBrokers. More on airstrikes...

Episode 837

Tracking a group that’s after the software supply chain. Israel adds airstrikes to the array of responses it’s prepared to make to hackers. The US Federal...

A Fresh Take on Defining Threat Intelligence

Levi Gundert and Allan Liska provide a refresher on threat intelligence, including how they have come to describe it and what, exactly, it is and is not.