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The CyberWire podcasts are our look at what's happening in cyberspace. It provides clear and concise summaries of the news and offers commentary from industry experts as well as our partners.

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639 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast, we hear that Timehop has released more information as its breach investigation proceeds. The case will be interesting as an indicator...

638 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hear reports that the Ticketmaster breach is the tip of a big software supply chain iceberg. Chinese intelligence services closely...

637 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast, we hear that advance fee scams run by Elon Musk impersonators are using the recently rescued boys' soccer team as phishbait. Bancor...

636 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast, we hear that if your nation's team was playing a World Cup match, you probably weren't visiting dodgy websites. Concerns mount in the...

How to Keep Finished Intelligence Fresh

Our guest today is Storm Swendsboe. He’s an analyst services manager at Recorded Future, leading a team of intelligence analysts providing on-demand reports...

No Distribute Scanners help sell malware — Research Saturday

Sellers of malware on Dark Web forums often use No Distribute malware scanning tools to help verify the effectiveness of their wares, while preventing...

635 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hear about catphishing in Berlin and Tel Aviv: whether you're offering payment for a white paper or up-to-date futbol scores, it...

634 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hear about some catphishing in the IDF's pond. Charming Kitten uses itself as bait. Facebook and Google face scrutiny over sharing...

Phone scams, phantom employees and sitting Ducks — Hacking Humans.

Joe warns of a harrowing phone scam technique, Dave reveals an alternate persona, a listener tries to sell a truck, and Carole Theriault from the Smashing...

633 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hear that Ukraine has warned of hybrid warfare during UN counter-terrorism meetings. ProtonMail DDoS continues. Security concerns...

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Our guest today is Joe Slowik. He works in adversary hunting and threat intelligence at Dragos, a company specializing in securing industrial control systems...

632 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hear a bit about the data breach Adidas disclosed late last week. Facebook answers Congressional questions for the record and adopts...