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The CyberWire podcasts are our look at what's happening in cyberspace. It provides clear and concise summaries of the news and offers commentary from industry experts as well as our partners.

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A Passion for Pen Testing

Jason Bernier is a penetration tester, working to help organizations ensure their systems are secure, and helping them understand where weaknesses may be.

Recent Podcasts
Episode 897

A contractor for Russia’s FSB security agency was apparently breached. NSO Group says its Pegasus software can now obtain access to private messages held...

Episode 896

K3chang is out, about, and more evasive than ever. Data breached at Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency has turned up online in at least one hacker forum.

Episode 895

TrickBot gets some new tricks, and they’re being called Trickbooster. Poisoning the advertising supply chain. Hessian schools will shy away from American...

Episode 894

Sprint warns of data breach. Eclypsium announces discovery of server firmware supply chain problems. Bluetooth Low Energy may be less secure than thought.

Episode 893

The retirement of GandCrab’s hoods may have been exaggerated. Video conferencing tools RingCentral and Zhumu may have picked up Zoom’s issues in the tech...

Episode 892

Upgraded voting machines may not be as secure, or as upgraded, as election officials seem to think. Criminals continue to exploit routers in Brazil. A...

Darknet DDoSer Does Damage to Dread

Daniel Byrnes, a senior threat intelligence analyst at Recorded Future, joins our show to share insight into criminal markets on dark web forums.

Opportunistic botnets round up vulnerable routers

Researchers at Netscout's ASERT Team have been tracking the growth of botnets originating in Egypt and targeting routers in South Africa. The payload is...

Episode 891

Buhtrap moves from financial crime to cyber espionage. There may have been as many as three distinct US cyber operations against Iran late last month.

Know and spot the patterns.

Joe shares the heartbreaking tale of a catphishing case that leads to murder. Dave describes a shoe company using an unusual method to trick engagement...

Episode 880

GDPR fines and their implications. A reminder about Magecart, and some notes on its recent interest in scanning for unprotected AWS S-3 buckets. Agent...

Episode 879

Zoom agrees to change what it still sort of regards as a feature and not a bug. Industrial control system vulnerabilities are reported and patched. Microsoft...