Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson 8.22.23
Ep 79 | 8.22.23

Cybercrime: A Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry

Show Notes

President and CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance, Michael Daniel, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Cyber Threat Alliance is an organization focused on cyber intelligence sharing across the digital ecosystem. Michael has been the President and CEO of the Alliance since early 2017 and also served as the U. S. Cybersecurity Coordinator under the Obama administration. He is a leading expert on ransomware and the disruption of cybercrime and is a leader in the World Economic Forum Partnership Against Cybercrime. Michael and Ann discuss the sophistication of hackers today, persistent threats that have remained over the last several years, and what impact ransomware is having on organizations across the globe.  


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