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The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.25.16

Anonymous protests an Adriatic pipeline. TeaMp0ison is after the UN (again). Operation Blockbuster fingers North Korea in the 2014 Sony hack. Healthcare sector may have the wrong cyber threat model. Congress seems likely to give Feds cyber appropriations, but maybe not backdoors. Apple's lawyers surprise by preparing a Fifth Amendment riposte to the Justice Department. Finally, is there labor unrest brewing in Silicon Valley?

In today's podcast, we hear about new hacktivist actions. Industry's Operation Blockbuster supports US Government attribution of the 2014 Sony hack to North Korea. Independent Security Evaluators releases a study suggesting that the healthcare sector has the wrong cyber threat model—patient health, not patient records, are most at risk. We hear from their CEO, Stephen Bono, on what the company found. We also get an update on the Apple-FBI dispute (will Apple take the Fifth?) and we hear from Malek Ben Salem, of Accenture Technology Labs, on the state of biometric authentication.

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