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In today's podcast, we hear about how a cyber espionage campaign exploits a recently patched .NET vulnerability as Leviathan phishes with torpedo recovery programs. What does Pyongyang want in cyberspace? Apparently a lot of the same things it wants in physical space. Some observers think Putin thinks the Americans started that whole destabilization and delegitimation influence ops struggle. He's probably wrong, but there you go. Cutlet Maker malware jackpots ATMs. BoundHook stealth tool demonstrated. Minecraft malware got into Google Play. Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS with a follow up on President Trump’s executive orders. Guest is Dinah Davis from Code.Likeagirl.io with an update on their activities. Ransomware's still a threat, and a New York judge thinks the NYPD didn't get the memo about the importance of backup.

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