The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.3.17
Ep 279 | 2.3.17

Jailbreaking or forensics? W-2s and business email compromise. Router vulnerabilities. Windows zero-day. Enterprise security priorities. Iranians cyber ops and Iranian dissent. US-Russian cyber tensions.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear reports that Cellebrite forensic tools have been dumped online. The IRS warns that W-2 fraud is being combined with business email compromise. Cisco router vulnerabilities are under discussion. A Windows zero-day can produce the blue screen of death. Recent surveys prompt a review of enterprise security spending priorities: the perimeter is down, the endpoint is up, and network visibility is everywhere. Russia's treason trial proceeds. The US sends a good-cop/bad-cop message, or maybe just a mixed message, in cyber. Accenture Technology's Malek Ben Salem discusses embedded device security. Author Frederick Lane on his latest book, Cybertraps for Expecting Moms and Dads. And is Hogwarts in Buckinghamshire, or the Monongahela Valley?