Hacking Humans 6.1.23
Ep 245 | 6.1.23

Are you who you say you are?

Show Notes

Bala Kumar of Jumio joins to discuss how travel companies can combat the exponential rise in fraud and ensure their traveler is who they say they are. Dave and Joe share some listener follow up, with the first from Matt, who writes in with a strange Dick's Sporting Goods story about gift cards and credit cards. Our second follow up comes from listener King, who writes in regarding the QR discussion in episode 243. Dave's story follows how almost every US state has sued a telecom company after being accused of routing billions of illegal robocalls to millions of US residents on the do not call list. Joe's story is about a family losing $730,000 in a wire fraud scam, but with a twist ending. Our catch of the day comes from listener William, who writes in with an email laced with so much fraud, Gmail didn't even want Joe to open it to read it for this episode.

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