Research Saturday 5.25.24
Ep 331 | 5.25.24

International effort dismantles LockBit.

Show Notes

Jon DiMaggio, a Chief Security Strategist at Analyst1, is sharing his work on "Ransomware Diaries Volume 5: Unmasking LockBit." On February 19, 2024, the National Crime Agency (NCA), a UK sovereign law enforcement agency, in collaboration with the FBI, Europol, and nine other countries under "Operation Cronos," disrupted the LockBit ransomware gang’s data leak site used for shaming, extorting, and leaking victim data.

The NCA greeted visitors to LockBit’s dark web leak site with a seizure banner, revealing they had been controlling LockBit’s infrastructure for some time, collecting information, acquiring victim decryption keys, and even compromising the new ransomware payload intended for LockBit 4.0.

The research can be found here: