Special Editions 3.26.23
Ep 51 | 3.26.23

Two viewpoints on the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

Show Notes

Earlier this month, the White House released the National Cybersecurity Strategy, the first issued since 2018. The strategy refocuses roles, responsibilities, and resource allocations in the digital ecosystem, with a five pillar approach. Those pillars are: defending critical infrastructure, disrupting threat actors, shaping market forces to drive security and resilience, investing in a resilient future, and forging international partnerships.

We wanted to delve into the strategy and its intended effects further, so Dave Bittner spoke with representatives from industry and inside government. Dave first speaks with Adam Isles, Principal and Head of Cybersecurity Practice at The Chertoff Group, sharing industry's take on the strategy. Following that conversation, Dave had a discussion with Steve Kelly, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Cybersecurity and Emerging Technology at the National Security Council, for a look at the strategy from inside the White House.

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