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The CyberWire is a free, community-driven cyber security news service based in Baltimore. Our mission is to provide a relevant and intelligently organized daily digest of the critical news happening across the global cyber security domain. The CyberWire is proud to be an ad-free news product, created by industry, for industry.

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In the Beginning…
Originally, the CyberWire was a daily business and technical intelligence brief for the staff of CyberPoint International. It was created to provide a summary of important cyber security developments distilled from an ever-increasing number of sources. With the aim of helping educate individuals, businesses, and the public about the importance of cyber security and the threats they face every day, the CyberWire opened to the public in September 2012.
Current Issue

Iranian cyberespionage vs. US State Dept. Turkish hackivists vs. Russia. Pearson VUE Breach. Dell certificate issues. Cyber crime surge.

THE CYBERWIRE (Wednesday, November 25, 2015) — Iranian cyber operators continue to probe US networks with social-media enabled espionage attempts against the State Department. Read more.
Latest Coverage
SINET Showcase 2015

SINET Showcase 2015

November 3 - 4, 2015 The National Press Club, Washington, DC

SINET Showcase provides a platform to identify and highlight "best-of-class" security companies that are addressing industry and government’s most pressing needs and requirements. Read more.

Latest Interview
David Powell

David Powell

CEO, Federal Business Council

October 27, 2015— David Powell, CEO of the Federal Business Council and co-chair of this year's CyberMaryland conference talks about technological innovation, cyber security as an ecosystem, the proper subsidiarity with which communities in that ecosystem flourish, and development of a strong, well-trained cyber labor force. Read more.
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