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The CyberWire Daily Briefing

Every Monday through Friday, the CyberWire's Daily News Briefing gives you a clear picture of news concerning cyber security. Whether you're interested in technology, threats, trends, the marketplace, policy, research, education, or law, our briefings provide concise synthesis and analysis of cyber security news happening around the world.

Recent Issues
Issue 117

Claims of US deterrent staged in Russian power grid. South American power failure investigated. EU on Russian info ops. Target outage a glitch.

Issue 116

Xenotime probes North American power grid. Return of the Wizard. "Katie Jones" is not a real person. Updates on Mr. Assange's extradition.

Issue 115

Telegram DDoS coincides with Hong Kong protests. "Fishwrap" lies with truth. Ransomware hits ASCO. Hack back bill. "Update inertia."

Issue 114

Phishing with Calendar invitations. Recent TA505 and Fin8 activity. Keeping one's options open during a trade war. Notes on Patch Tuesday.

Issue 113

US CBP image data breached. Why Huawei arouses security concerns. Raytheon Technologies merger, other M&A activity.

Issue 112

More MuddyWater. Russian fake news skates through YouTube. Back-and-forth on Huawei. United Technologies will acquire Raytheon.

Issue 111

China behind ANU hack? GoldBrute bots scan RDP servers. MuddyWater stays busy. RIG delivers Buran ransomware. Alt-coin heists. NRC needs cyber experts.

Issue 110

BlueKeep proof-of-concept exploit developed. EU's Moscow embassy hacked over two years. Russian info ops, GPS spoofing. Obnoxious ad plug-in.

Issue 109

Frankenstein or his monster? "I'm in!" Baltimore ransomware updates. Huawei offers the US a no-spy agreement. US Data Strategy out in draft. Patch for...

Issue 108

Third-party breach affects Quest Diagnostics data. Alleged HelixKitten tool leaked. Ransomware at Eurofins Scientific. No EternalBlue found in Baltimore,...

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