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The CyberWire Daily Briefing

Every Monday through Friday, the CyberWire's Daily News Briefing gives you a clear picture of news concerning cyber security. Whether you're interested in technology, threats, trends, the marketplace, policy, research, education, or law, our briefings provide concise synthesis and analysis of cyber security news happening around the world.

Recent Issues
Issue 36

Soldiers overshare. Separ quietly lives off the land. Questionable disclosure of Vkontakte bug. NSCS dances with Huawei.

Issue 35

Fancy Bear phishes think tanks. Lazarus Group targeting Russia? GandCrab decryptor. NSO Group update.

Issue 34

Cyberattacks against Australian political targets. NCSC report thought good news for Huawei. Westminster critiques Facebook.

Issue 33

GandCrab exploits unpatched plug-in. Big Tech and privacy, content moderation. Security testing for 5G. Info ops. Apophis Squad.

Issue 32

Indictment of US defector to Iran unsealed (social engineering implications). Where's that Equifax PII? Valentine's Day notes.

Issue 31

Patch Tuesday notes. Shlayer and GreyEnergy. China says it didn't hack Canberra. And Valentine's Day is tomorrow (be afraid).

Issue 30

VFEmail sustains a devastating attack. EU mulls response to APT10. Military hacks. AI, competition, and humanity's future.

Issue 29

Australia investigates attempted Parliament hack. Zero-days a bigger risk? Internet autarky. Huawei issues. Blackmail inquiry.

Issue 28

Australian Parliament cyber incident? Triout spyware. Phishing at credit unions. Mr. Bezos vs. Mr. Pecker.

Issue 27

APT10 or APT31? Google Translate used to phsih. macOS Keychain 0-day. Scam mimics Norton system scan. Suspicion of Huawei, ZTE.

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