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The CyberWire Daily Briefing

Every Monday through Friday, the CyberWire's Daily News Briefing gives you a clear picture of news concerning cyber security. Whether you're interested in technology, threats, trends, the marketplace, policy, research, education, or law, our briefings provide concise synthesis and analysis of cyber security news happening around the world.

Recent Issues
Issue 234

Huawei CFO arrested in Canada. Anonymous sources say China hacked Marriott. SamSam notes. Riposte in Russia-Ukraine cyberwar?

Issue 233

Ukraine stopped Russian cyber op? Microsoft doubts Cozy Bear phishing attribution. GOP emails hacked. Facebook emails out.

Issue 232

BIS blames Fancy Bear. Quora hacked. Marriott's breach response reviewed. Kubernetes flaw patched. iOS scam apps.

Issue 231

Tehran's influence operations. US, UK, warn Russia. Marriott breach fallout. Kaspersky ban upheld. Ransom and sanctions.

Issue 230

Marriott breach disclosed, affects 500 million. Dunkin' Donuts breached. Oh, and Fancy Bear paws at Germany.

Issue 229

Energetic Bear's back (or never left). Hybrid warfare. Eternal Silence attacks. Dell warns of breach risk. SamSam indictments.

Issue 228

DNSpionage in the Middle East. More iOS spyware? Cobalt Dickens is back. Facebook agonistes. A declaration on Internet law.

Issue 227

Malicious apps in Google Play. Facebook before Parliament. GDPR boosts big tech? Journalists & spyware. Hybrid war in Ukraine.

Issue 226

Industrial espionage agreement dying? Emotet on Black Friday. Outlook 10 fix fixed. "Social credit" in China.

Issue 225

Amazon warns, reassures customers over breach. Facebook fixes configuration error. Tessa88 fingered. Magecart gangwar. Spies.

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