The CyberWire interviews thought-leaders in our industry. Our extended interviews appear below.

Gordon Corera

Journalist, BBC. Author

November 23, 2016 — BBC Journalist and author of "Cyber Spies – Surveillance, Hacking and Digital Espionage".

Peder Müller

Deputy Director of Analysis at Novetta

October 5, 2016 — Peder Müller is a Bitcoin/Blockchain enthusiast. He currently serves as the Deputy Director of Analysis at Novetta and support federal customer understanding of blockchain and Bitcoin technologies.

Malcolm Harkins

Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cylance

September 8, 2016 — Malcolm Harkins is the Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cylance Inc. In this role he is responsible for enabling business growth through trusted infrastructure, systems, and business processes. Harkins is also responsible for all aspects of information risk and security, security and privacy policy, and for peer outreach activities to drive improvement across the world in the understanding of cyber risks and best practices to manage and mitigate those risks.

Robert M. Lee

CEO and founder, Dragos Security

August 8, 2016 — Robert M. Lee is the founder and CEO of Dragos where he and his team have pioneered threat hunting in ICS/SCADA environments. He is also a SANS certified instructor and the course author of the Cyber Threat Intelligence course and the ICS/SCADA Active Defense and Incident Response course.

Daniel Ennis

Senior Fellow with the Center for International and Strategic Studies at the University of Maryland (CISSM), the Executive Director of the University of Maryland Cyber Initiative, and CEO of DRE Consulting.

July 21, 2016 — Daniel Ennis has over 36 years of U.S. Government service, principally with the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS).

Eli Sugarman

Program Officer at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

July 15, 2016 — Eli Sugarman is a Program Officer at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and manages the Cyber Initiative. The goal of the Cyber Initiative, a five-year $65 million grant-making effort, is to build a more robust cybersecurity field and improve cybersecurity policy-making.

Jon Allen

Principal with Booz Allen Hamilton and Executive Director of the Automotive Information Sharing & Analysis Center (ISAC)

June 29, 2016 — Jon Allen focuses on cyber and security capabilities for commercial clients with an emphasis on high-tech manufacturing and automotive. His recent engagements have been with major automotive OEMs leading the assessment and building the industry’s first vehicle cyber security organization.

Robert Lord

Co-founder and CEO of Protenus

May 24, 2016 — Robert Lord is the co-founder and CEO of Protenus, a health data security platform that protects patient data in the electronic health record (EHR) for some of the nation’s top-ranked hospitals.

Dr. Emma Garrison-Alexander

Vice Dean of the Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Department in the graduate school UMUC

May 13, 2016 — Dr. Emma Garrison-Alexander has over thirty years of combined federal experience at NSA, where she served as the Deputy Counterterrorism and as a Senior Operations Officer, and at TSA, where she led their IT organization as Chief Information officer. She’s currently Vice Dean for the department of Cybersecurity and Information Assurance at the University of Maryland University College.

Sajjan, Harjit Singh

Minister of National Defence, Canada

Intelligence and the Cyber Domain

April 20, 2016 — Harjit Singh Sajjan, The Honorable Harjit Singh Sajjan, Canada's Minister of National Defense, is a retired lieutenant colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and a veteran of combat tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan. He's also a veteran of the Vancouver Police Department, where he served as a detective in the gang crimes unit. The Member of Parliament for Vancouver South, he assumed office in November 2015.

William H. Saito

Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan

April 5, 2016 — William H. Saito is a special advisor to the prime minister of Japan. He is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, public policy consultant and educator, and author of several books.

Leo Taddeo

CSO, Cryptzone

As certain as tomorrow's sunrise," the FBI will find whoever's responsible.

February 11, 2016 — Leo Taddeo, currently CSO of Cryptzone and former Special Agent in Charge of the Special Operations/Cyber Division of the FBI's New York Office, shared his perspective on the recent apparent compromise of data from FBI networks. Read more

Joe Weiss

Managing Partner, Applied Control Solutions, and Managing Director, ISA99

Cyber Security for the Power Grid — Why We Should Fear Hackers (but not Squirrels)

January 14, 2016 — Joe Weiss, industrial control systems security expert and Managing Partner of Applied Control Solutions, talks about the challenges of securing the electrical grid, and why concerns about cyber attacks on industrial control systems are more than fear, uncertainty, and dread. Read more

Be sure to catch the Week-in-Review podcast featuring Joe Weiss.

David Powell

CEO, Federal Business Council

Cyber Moves from the Server Room to the Board Room

October 27, 2015— David Powell, CEO of the Federal Business Council and co-chair of this year's CyberMaryland conference talks about technological innovation, cyber security as an ecosystem, the proper subsidiarity with which communities in that ecosystem flourish, and development of a strong, well-trained cyber labor force. Read more

Chris Coleman

CEO, LookingGlass

LookingGlass Acquires Prague-based Kleissner and Associates

July 22, 2015— Mergers and acquisitions are of particular interest in a growing sector like cyber security. We spoke with LookingGlass CEO Chris Coleman about his company's acquisition of Prague-based Kleissner & Associates, and he shared his views on the importance of aligning acquisition with strategic goals. Read more

Brian Raymond

Director, Technology and Domestic Economic Policy, National Association of Manufacturers

Spectrum Management, IoT Security, and Economic Growth

June 23, 2015— Spectrum management is an issue for both Internet-of-Things security and technological innovation. We spoke with Brian Raymond of the National Association of Manufacturers on the implications spectrum policy will have for both security and economic growth. Read more

Feris Rifai

CEO, Bay Dynamics

Seeing Threats in Context, With Reflections on the IRS Breach

June 1, 2015— Seeing Through the Outsider's Insider Mask: Reflections on the IRS Breach. We spoke with Bay Dynamics CEO Feris Rifai on the lessons he thinks we can draw from the breach of the US Internal Revenue Service's "Get Transcript" service. Read more

David Remnitz

Global and Americas Leader, Forensic Technology & Discovery Services, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS), EY.

The Future of Cyber Crime, and What Enterprises Can Do About IT

May 29, 2015— The CyberWire was able to hear David Remnitz speak at 2015's inaugural Billington Corporate Cybersecurity Summit in New York. Mr. Remnitz served as a founding private industry member of the Electronic Crimes Task Force for the US Secret Service. Prior to joining EY, Mr. Remnitz led FTI’s global technology (eDiscovery and data analytics) business. Internationally recognized as an expert in eDiscovery and disclosure, information security, investigations based on electronically stored information and supporting corporations under inquiry in their response to US and international regulators, law enforcement and other third parties, we caught up with him after the conference to discuss the future of cyber crime, and what enterprises can do about it. Read more

Keith Mularski

Supervisory Special Agent of the Cyber Squad, Pittsburgh Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Investigating Federal cyber crime (and why indictments matter)

November 17, 2014—Back in December of 2012 at a cyber community event in Baltimore, Special Agent Mularski described his experience breaking up organized cyber criminal gangs. This interview gives us a chance to catch up with him about recent developments in cyber law enforcement. Read more

Richard Clarke

Chairman & CEO of Good Harbor Security Risk Management

Liberty and Security: the President's Review Group's Recommendations (and the issues they address)

October 30, 2014—On the occasion of his induction into the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame, the CyberWire is pleased to present this interview with Richard Clarke, an internationally recognized expert on cyber security, homeland security, national security, and counterterrorism. He has served the last three Presidents as a senior White House Advisor, including appointments as Special Advisor to the President for Cyber Security and National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism. His most recent Government service was as a principal member of the President's Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies, whose report was published last December. This interview offers his retrospective look at the Review Group's work. Read more

Alejandro Mayorkas

Deputy Secretary, US Department of Homeland Security

A Two-Way Flow of Information: Public-Private Partnership for Cyber Defense

April 22, 2014—The CyberWire interviewed Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, who participated in SINET ITSEF 2014. Deputy Secretary Mayorkas described his Department's role in US cyber security, in particular its responsibility for security the .gov space, and how the Department has taken point on sharing information with the private sector. Read more

Philip Quade

Chief Operating Officer of the Information Assurance Directorate,
National Security Agency

Getting Inside the Adversary's OODA Loop: Automation and Information Sharing for Cyber Defense

April 21, 2014—The CyberWire interviewed Mr. Philip Quade, Chief Operating Officer of NSA's Information Assurance Directorate, who participated in SINET ITSEF 2014. The NSA's Information Assurance Directorate is responsible for the security of US national security systems. He shared his views on Active Cyber Defense, and how it depends upon automation and information sharing for a risk-based approach to Sensing, Sense-making, Decision-making, and Acting in cyberspace. Read more

Kjetil Nilsen

Director General, Nasjonal Sikkerhetsmyndighet
(NSM - Norway's National Security Authority)

Cyber Security: Trust and Cooperation in a Complex Threat Environment

April 11, 2014—The CyberWire interviewed Mr. Kjetil Nilsen, Director General of Norway's National Security Authority (NSM), who delivered the final keynote at SINET ITSEF 2014. Mr. Nilsen's agency is responsible for information assurance, cyber security, cryptography and other national protective security services. NSM also leads NorCERT and a public-private partnership that includes Norway's national sensor network. Mr. Nilsen shared his perspective on the role of trust and cooperation in coping with an increasingly complex threat environment. Read more

Dr. Reginald Brothers

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research

Cyber Security Research and Development in the US Department of Defense

December 12, 2013—The CyberWire interviewed Dr. Reginald Brothers, who's served since December 6, 2011 as US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research. Dr. Brothers is responsible for policy and oversight of Department of Defense (DoD) Science and Technology (S&T) programs from Basic Research through Advanced Technology Development. He also oversees the Department's laboratories and provides long-term strategic direction of Defense S&T programs. We heard from Dr. Brothers after he spoke at last week's SINET Showcase. Read more

Robert R. Ackerman, Jr.

Founder and Managing Director, Allegis Capital

Venture Capital and the Innovation Ecosystem

December 5, 2013—The CyberWire interviewed Bob Ackerman, Founder and Managing Director, Allegis Capital. Allegis, based in Palo Alto, California, USA, invests in early stage companies developing enabling technology and software to serve emerging markets. We caught Mr. Ackerman shortly before he went in to moderate his SINET Showcase panel on "Bringing Order out of Chaos." Read more

Rick Gordon

Mach37 Managing Partner

Advice to early-stage cyber startups

August 8, 2013—The CyberWire interviewed Rick Gordon, Managing Partner of the Mach37 cyber security business accelerator in Herndon, Virginia, USA, in New York City during SINET's 2013 Innovation Summit. He shared his views on the role a business accelerator can play in helping an entrepreneur build a cyber security start-up. Read more

Mark Weatherford

Principal at the Chertoff Group

Information-sharing and workforce development

August 8, 2013—The CyberWire interviewed Mark Weatherford, Principal at the Chertoff Group, in New York City during SINET's 2013 Innovation Summit. He shared his views prospects of public-private cyber information-sharing, and on how to build an effective national cyber workforce. Read more

Dr. Douglas Maughan

DHS S&T Cyber Security Director

Solving the research transition problem

August 5, 2013—Dr. Douglas Maughan, Director of Cyber Security at the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate, spoke with the CyberWire this morning about organizing research in ways that facilitate transition to operational systems. He'll be moderating the Innovation Summit's panel on "Research Collaboration Models that Work" tomorrow afternoon. Read more