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Each week the CyberWire’s Hacking Humans Podcast looks behind the social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits that are making headlines and taking a heavy toll on organizations around the world. We talk to social engineering experts, security pros, cognitive scientists, and those practiced in the arts of deception (perhaps even a magician or two). We also hear from people targeted by social engineering attacks and learn from their experiences.

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Recent episodes

Don't trust the ransomware to tell you its real name.

Joe describes online redirect scams, URL encoding and the clever combination of the two. Dave shares delightful satire about Russian brides and Nigerian princes, together at last. The catch of the day involves a student getting the best of scammers, getting...

The ultimate hacking tool.

Joe reviews highlights from a Proofpoint report on the human aspects of cyber attacks. Dave describes the FTC's cases against online dating site Match.com. The catch of the day comes straight from Her Majesty the Queen. Carole Theriault returns with an...

The usefulness of single sign on.

Joe outlines online threats from social media. Dave shares a story of scammers try to scare a community into purchasing security products. The catch of the day features a promise of riches from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. Our guest is Yaser Masoudnia...

Algorithms controlling truth in our society.

Special guest host Graham Cluley joins Dave while Joe takes a short break. Dave shares the success of the FBI's reWired campaign which has apprehended alleged scammers around the world. Graham describes a website hoping to spare users the hardship of...

An ethical hacker can be a teacher.

A listener updates us on "notice of arrest" policies. Dave notes increased instances of Google Calendar spam. Joe shares a claim that AI voice mimicry was used to dupe a company out of nearly a quarter million dollars. (Dave is skeptical.) The catch of...

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