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The methods and mechanisms we use to understand and protect ourselves from the dangers lurking in cyberspace come from the exacting, often painstaking investigations of researchers all over the world. Each Saturday, we’ll talk to those dissecting the malware that’s disrupting business or stealing our personal information, identifying the vulnerabilities in our electronic and human cyber defenses, ferreting out the hidden surveillance features in the products we buy, and hunting down the threats to our increasingly interconnected world. We’ll also hear from researchers in industry and academia working to solve the hard problems of security in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, all while society grapples with the challenge of balancing security and privacy.

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Recent episodes

If you can't detect it, you can't steal it.

BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev, Israel, is introducing the first all-optical “stealth” encryption technology that will be significantly more secure and private for highly-sensitive cloud computing...

The Chameleon attacks Online Social Networks.

The Chameleon attack technique is a new type of OSN-based trickery where malicious posts and profiles change the way they are displayed to OSN users to conceal themselves before the attack or avoid detection. Joining us to discuss their findings in a...

Tracking one of China's hidden hacking groups.

Operation Wocao (我操, “Wǒ cāo”, is a Chinese curse word) is the name that Fox-IT uses to describe the hacking activities of a Chinese based hacking group. We are joined by Fox-IT's Maarten van Dantzig who shares his insights into their new report entitled...

Know Thine Enemy - Identifying North American Cyber Threats.

The electric utility industry is a valuable target for adversaries seeking to exploit industrial control systems (ICS) and operations technology (OT) for a variety of purposes. As adversaries and their sponsors invest more effort and money into obtaining Selena Larson from Dragos joins us to discuss their new report North American Electric Cyber Threat Perspective.

Clever breaches demonstrate IoT security gaps.

Some of our favorite and most trusted IoT devices help make us feel secure in our homes. From garage door openers to the locks on our front doors, we trust these devices to recognize and alert us when people are entering our home. It should come as no Steve Povolny is head of advanced research at McAfee; we discuss a pair of research projects they recently published involving popular IoT devices.

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