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Daily Briefing 7.24.17

ISIS falling on hard times (still dangerous). WannaCry and NotPetya post mortems. Spreader tech comes to Emotet. "Fruitfly" quietly infested Macs for years. Industry notes, government reorganizations, and lawfare against Fancy Bear.

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Daily Podcast 7.24.17

Buckets leak, but so do CDs. NotPetya and Sandworm. Fruitfly versus Macs. ISIS strained in cyberspace. A look at dark web souks. Hacked fish tank.

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Week that Was 7.23.17

More sloshing from AWS S3 buckets. Cryptocurrency heists. Costs and effects of cyberattacks. Costs of censorship and Internet controls. A look at the dark web criminal markets. International conflict and cyber diplomacy. Industry notes. And congratulations Dr. Whitfield Diffie, FRS.

Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are hot topics in cybersecurity, threat intelligence, and beyond. We hear the terms casually tossed around in conversation, we’re bombarded with AI/ML marketing, and of course, there is no end to the references in movies, literature, and pop culture...
4th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception
The CyberWire is pleased to present the 4th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception in cooperation with our partner the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland (CAMI) on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, in Baltimore, MD.
IoT 2017 – Securing the Things: A CyberWire Special Edition
In this CyberWire Special Edition we speak with IoT experts who provide their take on the current state of the internet of things for consumers, enterprise, industrial control and even self-driving cars.
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Featured Stories

Becoming an Analyst Part 2: Educational Foundations
In this episode, we introduce you to Wendy DeLuca and CW Walker. Although they come with experience in analysis and cyber security, neither of them had a conventional technical educational pathway to working in threat intelligence...
Cosmic AES Signals and Space, July 2017
June was marked by bad news (especially North Korean intransigence with respect to its nuclear and ballistic missile programs) and good news (especially the routinization of commercial launch services). All of the news has implications for cybersecurity.
Petya, PetrWrap, GoldenEye, and WannaCry: a ransomware pandemic scorecard.

The malware pandemic that broke out of initial infections in Ukraine on Tuesday, June 27th, is the familiar Petya ransomware, modified to incorporate the EternalBlue exploit. Here's a rundown, with commentary by the experts.

The CyberWire Quarterly Report, Q2 2017

he second quarter of 2017 opened with doubts about espionage and influence operations in cyberspace. As this quarter comes to an end, we're witnessing the effective eclipse of both cybercrime and hacktivism by state action, indeed, by hybrid warfare...

The WannaCry Ransomware Pandemic: Week One and the Weeks to Come.

WannaCry is closing out its first week in the wild. To summarize, China and Russia have been hardest hit, with the largest number of infections striking unpatched Windows 7...

US Executive Order on Cybersecurity (with industry reactions).

US President Trump signed his long-anticipated Executive Order on cyber security. Its sections address "Cybersecurity of Federal Networks," "Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure," and "Cybersecurity for the Nation." It's a Federal-Government-centric order...

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