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Daily Briefing 9.21.17

SEC breached. Avast supply chain compromise looks like espionage. Persian cats grow claws. More Equifax.

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Daily Podcast 9.21.17

EDGAR hack enabled illicit stock trades? Equifax tweets phishing url to troubled inquirers. Kaspersky ban clarified.

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Week that Was 9.17.17

More Equifax breach fallout. BlueBorne hits Bluetooth. Info ops and trust. Data supply chain. Industry notes.

Protecting a Global Telecommunications Company
We discuss the challenges a large organization like BT faces when it comes to protecting themselves and their clients, the affect the upcoming GDPR regulations may have on the company and organizations around the world, and how they set their priorities across a broad spectrum of products and services.
Research Saturday

Deepen Desai, senior director of security research and operations at Zscaler, describes research he and his team have been doing since discovered a clever bit of malware they’ve named Cobian RAT. (RAT stands for Remote Access Trojan.) It’s available for free, but contains a back door that allows the original author to access and control the RAT remotely.

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Threat, vulnerability, consequence, and mitigation (with names named).
Event Coverage
At the eighth annual Billington CyberSecurity Summit, consensus among Government and industry leaders who spoke was that proliferation of the Internet-of-things, designed for the most part with inadequate attention to security, has vastly increased the attack surface US critical infrastructure presents to adversaries...

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Speaking With Analyst and Fantasy Author Myke Cole
Our guest today is Myke Cole. He’s a cyber threat intelligence analyst with a large metropolitan police department, and a member of the United States Coast Guard reserve, supporting maritime search and rescue and law enforcement around New York City. He is also an award-winning, best-selling author of fantasy fiction...
Cosmic AES Signals and Space, September 2017
July ended with North Korean missile tests that indicated the country had developed systems with sufficient range to reach American targets—certainly Guam, probably the West Coast of the Continental United States. August saw sharper diplomatic talk from both sides...
NIST Cybersecurity Framework: A CyberWire Special Edition
In this CyberWire special edition, we’ll examine frameworks in general and the NIST cybersecurity framework specifically, to see if adopting them is worth the time, energy and expense it takes.
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4th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception
The CyberWire is pleased to present the 4th Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception in cooperation with our partner the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland (CAMI) on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, in Baltimore, MD.
The Equifax breach: an overview.

On September 7, 2017 Equifax, one of the big-three US credit bureaus, disclosed a major data breach. It affects 143 million individuals, mostly Americans, although data belonging to citizens of other countries, for the most part Canada and the United Kingdom, were also hit. While not the largest data breach ever (Yahoo! still holds that record), it may be among the most damaging in its effect.

The CyberWire Quarterly Report, Q2 2017

he second quarter of 2017 opened with doubts about espionage and influence operations in cyberspace. As this quarter comes to an end, we're witnessing the effective eclipse of both cybercrime and hacktivism by state action, indeed, by hybrid warfare...

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