N2K Networks, Inc. Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 05/29/2024

  • N2K Networks, Inc. (“N2K”, “the Publisher”, f/k/a/ CyberWire, Inc.) retains full control over the contents of its publications and programs, including the topics chosen for discussion, the organization and presentation of material, and the selection of expert commentary.
  • Sponsor's advertising artwork and messages appearing in the Publisher's programs and publications must be approved by the Publisher prior to publication or airing and must adhere to the CyberWire Sponsorship Guidelines. Artwork and messages are not considered approved unless they are confirmed in writing (usually an email) by the Publisher.
  • Any advertising artwork, messages, and other materials provided to Publisher by Sponsor shall belong solely to Sponsor. The Sponsor and the Sponsor's agency (if applicable) grant the Publisher a revocable, world-wide, royalty-free license to reproduce, publish and republish the Sponsor's advertisement in the agreed upon Publisher media platform pursuant to the applicable Sponsorship Agreement.
  • All sponsorship messages and artwork must be submitted no later than two weeks in advance of the first day the sponsorship is scheduled to appear unless otherwise agreed by Publisher.
  • Sponsorship spots are not considered secured until Sponsorship Agreement is signed. Payment for sponsorships is due upon receipt unless otherwise specified in an applicable Sponsorship Agreement.
  • Fees paid for sponsorships are non-cancellable and non-refundable unless otherwise specified in an applicable Sponsorship Agreement.
  • In the event circumstances beyond the Publisher's reasonable control prevent the sponsorship spots from running, Sponsor shall receive a refund equal to the fees paid for the unpublished spots. In lieu of a refund, Sponsor may, at its sole discretion, choose to utilize other available sponsorship spots equal to the fees paid for the unpublished spots in order to compensate for those lost.
  • No claims are made by the Publisher regarding the marketing value or performance of sponsorships.
  • Partners of the Publisher are welcome to Sponsor the Publisher's programs, but in certain cases where interviews and sponsorships run in the same program or publication, the Publisher may be required to make the audience aware of the sponsorship relationship.
  • Future sponsorship pricing is subject to change without notice unless otherwise set forth in an applicable Sponsorship Agreement or Insertion Order.
  • The format of sponsorship spots in the Publisher's publications and programs may change over time. The Publisher's staff will exercise reasonable business efforts to provide ample time for Sponsor to make alterations to their artwork or messages if specifications change.
  • The Sponsor and the Sponsor's agency (if applicable) agree to assume liability, jointly and severally, for the content of any Sponsor's advertisement they have caused to be published in the Publisher's programs and related media (for example, the CyberWire web site, Daily Briefing and Podcast) arising from any third claim from such publication, including, but not limited to, claims for libel, invasion of privacy, commercial appropriation of one's name or likeness, copyright infringement, trademark, trade name or patent infringement, commercial defamation, false advertising, or any other claim whether based in tort or contract, or on account of any state or federal statute, including state and federal deceptive trade practices acts. In addition, the Sponsor and the Sponsor's agency agree, jointly and severally, to indemnify, defend and hold the Publisher harmless for all third-party claims (whether valid or invalid), lawsuits, judgments, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses of any nature (including the assessment of reasonable attorneys' fees) solely resulting from or caused by the publication of any advertisement placed by the Sponsor or the Sponsor's agency. The Publisher will provide Sponsor with (i) prompt written notice of the claim; (ii) all necessary assistance, information and authority necessary for Sponsor to defend the claim (at its expense); and (iii) sole control of the defense of such claim and all associated settlement negotiations; provided, however, that Sponsor may not settle any claim that does not fully and unconditionally release the Publisher from any and all liability.
  • In no event shall either party be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind in connection with this agreement, even if Sponsor has been informed in advance of the possibility of such damages. Except in the case of a violation of section xii of this agreement, neither party's total cumulative liability pursuant to this agreement shall exceed the cumulative fees paid by sponsor to CyberWire herein.