8th Layer Insights

8th Layer Insights

Get ready for a deep dive into what cybersecurity professionals often refer to as the "8th Layer" of security: HUMANS. This podcast is a multidisciplinary exploration into how the complexities of human nature affect security and risk. Author, security researcher, and behavior science enthusiast Perry Carpenter taps experts for their insights and illumination. Topics include cybersecurity, psychology, behavior science, communication, leadership, and more.


Recent Episodes

Ep 47 | 7.9.24

Can You Really Tell if Something is Written by an AI?

On this episode, Perry gets to sit down with Jon Gillham. Jon is the founder and CEO of Originality.ai -- an AI content detection platform designed to help website owners, content marketers, writers and publishers hit 'publish' with integrity in the world of generative AI. In this interview, we get the lowdown on how AI content detection works, what it is good at, and where some of the current limits are.

Ep 46 | 6.4.24

Money Laundering 101: a chat with Investigative Journalist Geoff White

On this episode, Perry gets to sit down with investigative journalist, author, and podcaster, Geoff White. They discuss Geoff's new book, "Rinsed: From Cartels to Crypto: How the Tech Industry Washes Money for the World's Deadliest Crooks", the state of global cybercrime, and (everybody's favorite topic) artificial intelligence.

Ep 45 | 5.7.24

Communicating Complex Topics with Creativity and Passion

In this episode, Perry sits down with award winning cybersecurity author, George Finney to discuss his recent book, Project Zero Trust. This is a broad discussion that hits on the concepts of Zero Trust, George's approach to writing the book, his passion for storytelling, and much more.

Ep 44 | 4.9.24

How Rachel Tobac Hacked Me

In this episode Perry Carpenter sits down with Rachel Tobac to debrief after her recent KB4-CON session, "How I'd Hack You Live" where she... well... hacked Perry live. Perry and Rachel explore how age-old deception techniques are being revamped for the digital age. The discussion spans the future of social engineering, the increasing role of AI in security, and a few other fun bits.

Ep 43 | 3.19.24

How AI Can Deceive and be Deceived

On this episode Perry sits down with Dr. Matthew Canham to explore ways in which AI can be weaponized against us, and how age old social engineering tactics can be used to trick large language models.

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8th Layer Insights
Perry Carpenter
Perry Carpenter currently serves as Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer for KnowBe4, the world's most popular security awareness and simulated phishing platform. He's an award-winning author, security researcher, and behavior science enthusiast. Previously, Perry led security awareness, security culture management, and anti-phishing behavior management research at Gartner, in addition to covering areas of IAM strategy, CISO Program Management mentoring, and Technology Service Provider success strategies.
Schedule: Tuesdays (biweekly)
Creator: Perry Carpenter