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Career Notes

Step inside the diverse and fascinating worlds of cybersecurity professionals around the globe and hear their personal stories in their own words.
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Ep 71 | 10.17.21

Ell Marquez: It's okay to be new. [Linux]

Linux and Security Advocate at Intezer Ell Marquez shares her journey from the family ranch to security. Needing a life change due to a bunch of circumstances that had occurred that left her almost homeless, Ell found out about a six week Linux boot camp that took her down the path toward technology. She fell in love with security at at BSides Conference and hasn't looked back. Ell says she recently started a campaign called "it's okay to be new" noting that no matter how long you've been in the industry, you need to be new because technology changes so quickly. She concludes by offering one final piece of advice to everybody is just "be unapologetically yourself." We thank Ell for sharing her story with us.

Ep 70 | 10.10.21

Brandon Karpf: A sailor of the 21st century. [Transitioning service member]

Lieutenant in the US Navy and Skillbridge Fellow at the CyberWire, Brandon Karpf, knew he wanted to join the military at a young age. He achieved that through the US Naval Academy where he was a member of the men’s heavyweight rowing team. Commissioned as a cryptologic warfare officer, Brandon was sent to MIT for a graduate degree where he experienced the exact opposite of the Naval Academy’s highly structured life. Brandon’s later work with both NSA and US Cyber Command helped him gain experience and cyber operations skills. As he transitions from active duty to civilian life, Brandon shares his personal challenges and struggles during that process. Through the DoD Skillbridge Fellowship program, Brandon’s transition has him sharing his skills with the CyberWire. We thank Brandon for sharing his expertise and his story with us.

Ep 69 | 10.3.21

Pattie Dillon: Take the leap. [Anti-fraud]

Product Manager in Anti-Fraud Solutions at SpyCloud, Pattie Dillon shares her journey from raising her family to specializing in the anti-fraud space. Upon reentering the workforce, Pattie worked on identity verification and developed a system with privacy concerns in mind. She moved to work in gift cards and was exposed to money laundering. Traveling along the fraud spectrum, Pattie learned about underground data and feels that this data can be leveraged to actually prevent and fight online fraud. Pattie believes if you don't try, you'll never know. We know we appreciate Pattie sharing her story with us.

Ep 68 | 9.26.21

Dave Bittner: From puppet shows to podcasts. [Media]

Host of the CyberWire Podcast, Dave Bittner, wanted to work with the Muppets, so naturally he landed in cybersecurity. Dave and his Cookie Monster puppet spent much of his childhood putting on shows for his parents friends. During one of those performances, he was discovered and got his start at the local PBS station. A radio, television and film major in college, Dave owned his own company and as the most tech-savvy member of the group, handled that side of things. Dave notes his cybersecurity challenges back then consisted of maybe a corrupt floppy disk. It wasn't until he joined the CyberWIre that cybersecurity became Dave's focus. A former boss showed him how to lead a team and treat everyone with kindness regardless of their role. We thank Dave for sharing his story with us.

Ep 67 | 9.19.21

Limor Kessem: Be an upstander. [Security Advisor]

Executive Security Advisor at IBM Security Limor Kessem says she started her cybersecurity career by pure chance. Limor made a change from her childhood dream of being a doctor and came into cybersecurity with her passion, investment, discipline, and perseverance. Limor talks about how we must tighten our core security and at the same time we allow innovation to help us move forward with the times. She's been fortunate to have been able to stand up for others and has had others support her. She said that is very motivating and has allowed her to really explore every possible thing in her career that she can contribute without limiting herself to a certain role. We thank Limor for sharing her story with us.

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