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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 1495 | 1.14.22

Influence operations in the grey zone. FSB raids REvil. Open Source Software Security Summit looks to public-private cooperation. Privateering and state-sponsored cybercrime.

A large-scale cyberattack against Ukrainian websites looks like an influence operation, and Russian intelligence services are the prime suspects. The FSB raids REvil. The White House Open Source Software Security Summit looks toward software bills of materials. MuddyWater exploits Log4shell. The DPRK is working to steal cryptocurrency. Caleb Barlow shares the consequences of the 3G network shutdown. Our guest is John Lehmann from Intellectual Point with programs that help military veterans transition to the cybersecurity industry. Honor among thieves, and spies.

Ep 1494 | 1.13.22

A public-private conference takes up open source software security at the White House. MuddyWater attributed to Iran. Espionage and ransomware arrests.

A White House government-industry summit today addresses open-source software security. The US officially makes its second attribution of the week to a nation-state: it calls out Iran as the operator of the MuddyWater threat group. Israel arrests five on charges related to spying for Iran (they’re thought to have been recruited through catphishing). Citizen Lab finds Pegasus in Salvadoran phones. Ukraine arrests a ransomware gang. Thomas Etheridge from CrowdStrike on the importance of threat hunting for zero days. Our guest is Dr. David Bader of New Jersey Institute of Technology discussing the challenges of securing massive-scale analytics. And ransomware hits US state and local governments.

Ep 1493 | 1.12.22

The US and EU seek to shore up cybersecurity as Russo-Ukraininan tensions run high. NIST updates secure system standards. Ransomware exploits Log4shell. Dog bites man: fraud in social media.

The US issues an alert over the prospect of Russian cyberattacks, and the EU begins a series of stress tests, both in apparent response to concerns over the prospect of a Russian attack on Ukraine. NIST updates its guidance on Engineering Trustworthy Secure Systems. NIght Sky ransomware exploits Log4shell. Phishing afflicts a hotel chain. Carole Theriault examines international efforts to stop digital fraud. Ben Yelin fon Seattle Police Faking Radio Chatter. And we’re shocked, shocked, to learn of fraud and piracy on a social media platform.

Ep 1492 | 1.11.22

Software supply chains and the free-rider problem. An APT is bitten by its own RAT. Europol told to clean up its data. A leak investigation in Denmark. QR-code phishbait.

Log4shell as an instance of a more general software supply chain issue. An APT apparently mistakenly infects itself with its own RAT. A new backdoor, SysJoker, is in use in the wild. A warning on commercial surveillance software. A leak investigation continues in Denmark. Joe Carrigan explains bogus QR codes. Our guest is Casey Allen of Concentric on cyber vulnerabilities in automobiles. And, Europol is told it has a year to clear its databases of information on people not involved in crime.

Ep 1491 | 1.10.22

CISA provides an account of progress toward Log4shell remediation. Other issues are reported in open-source libraries. Undersea cable security. FIN7’s BadUSB campaign. Security and Yealink.

CISA describes progress toward remediating Log4shell. Other open-source libraries are found to have similar issues, in one case problems deliberately introduced by the developer. Concerns are expressed over undersea cable security. FIN7’s BadUSB campaign. Security questions about another Chinese-made phone. Our guest is Bob Maley from Black Kite on their report - The Government Called, Are You Ready to Answer? Chris Novak from Verizon on PCI 4.0. And Russo-American talks open in Geneva.

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