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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 2012 | 2.27.24

Out with the old, in with the new.

NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework gets an upgrade. ONCD makes a case against memory-related software bugs. A recent cyberattack targets Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police. US dethrones Russia as top target in cyber breaches. Caveat podcast cohost Ben Yelin discusses remedies in the generative AI copyright cases. And, Reggaeton Be Gone, a creative way to deal with your neighbors’ music choices.

Ep 2011 | 2.26.24

LockBit reloaded: Unveiling the next chapter in cybercrime.

LockBits reawakening. China's ramp up to safety for vital sectors. Data leak leaves China feeling exposed. Malware hidden by North Korea in fake developer job listings. UK Watchdog rebukes firm for biometric scanning of staff at leisure centers. SVR found adapting for the cloud environment. DOE proposes cybersecurity guidelines for the electric sector. Wideness of breach in the financial industry revealed. Moving on to better things. Things are looking up in the cybersecurity startup ecosystem. UK's National Cyber Security Centre announced they are launching a Cyber Governance Training Pack for boards. N2K’s President Simone Petrella talks with Elastic's CISO Mandy Andress about the CISO role and the intersection of cybersecurity, law, and organizational strategy. And, there’s a facial recognition battle going on at Waterloo, the University of Waterloo that is.

Ep 2010 | 2.23.24

Crackdown on privacy leads to a multi-million dollar fine.

The FTC fines Avast over privacy violations. ConnectWise's ScreenConnect is under active exploitation. AT&T restores services nationwide. An Australian telecom provider suffers a data breach. EU Member States publish a cybersecurity and resilience report. Microsoft unleashes a PyRIT. A new infostealer targets the oil and gas sector. A cyberattack cripples a major US healthcare provider. Our guest is Kevin Magee from Microsoft Canada with insights on why cybersecurity startups in Ireland are having so much success building new companies there. And a USB device is buzzing with malware.

Ep 2009 | 2.22.24

AT&T outage leaves major cities offline.

AT&T experiences a major outage. The LockBit takedown continues. An updated Doppelgänger is spreading misinformation. A roundup of critical infrastructure initiatives. Toshiba and Orange make a quantum leap. An eyecare provider hack comes into focus. A phony iphone repair scheme leads to convictions. In our Learning Layer segment, Sam Meisenberg shares the latest learning science research. And we are shocked - shocked! - to discover that phone chargers can be used to attack our devices.

Ep 2008 | 2.21.24

Anchoring security for US ports.

President Biden to sign EO to bolster maritime port security. Apple announces post-quantum encryption for iMessage. Malwarebytes examines the i-Soon data leak. Law enforcement airs LockBit’s dirty laundry. Varonis highlights vulnerabilities affecting Salesforce platforms. An appeals court overturns a $1 billion piracy verdict. NSA’s Rob Joyce announces his retirement. Anne Neuberger chats with WIRED. A leading staffing firm finds its data for sale on the dark web. In our sponsored Industry Voices segment, Navneet Singh, VP of Marketing Network Security at Palo Alto Networks, discusses the transition to the cloud and shares some examples from healthcare. Hackers and hobbyists push back on the proposed Flipper Zero ban.

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