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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 1914 | 9.26.23

Crooks phish for guests; spies phish for drone operators. ZenRAT is used in an info-stealing campaign. More MOVEit-related incidents (some involving Cl0p). DeFi platforms hit. The UK hunts forward.

An advanced phishing campaign hits hospitality industry. An information-stealing campaign deploys ZenRAT. More MOVEit-related data breaches are disclosed. Mixin Network suspends deposits and withdrawals. The OpenSea NFT market warns of third-party risk to its API. Phishing for Ukrainian military drone operators. Mr. Security Answer Person John Pescatore shares thoughts in Cisco acquiring Splunk. Ann Johnson from the Afternoon Cyber Tea podcast interviews Deb Cupp sharing a lesson in leadership. And the UK adopts a hunt-forward approach to cyber war.

Ep 1913 | 9.25.23

Cyberespionage in East and Southeast Asia, for both intelligence collection and domestic security, Spyware tools tracked. Shifting cyber targets in Russia’s hybrid war. Securing the Super Bowl.

The Gelsemium APT is active against a Southeast Asian government. A multi-year campaign against Tibetan, Uighur, and Taiwanese targets. Stealth Falcon's new backdoor. Predator spyware is deployed against Apple zero-days. An update on Pegasus spyware found in Meduza devices. There’s a shift in Russian cyberespionage targeting. A rumor of cyberwar in occupied Crimea. In our Industry Voices segment, Amit Sinha, CEO of Digicert, describes digital trust for the software supply chain. Our guest is Arctic Wolf’s Ian McShane with insights on the MGM and Caesars ransomware incident. And if you’re looking for a Super Bowl pick, go with an egg-laying animal…and, oh, the NFL and CISA are noodling cyber defense for the big game.

Ep 1912 | 9.22.23

Enter the Sandman. A look at an initial access broker. Iran’s OilRig hits Israeli targets. Cyber ops and soft power. Update on casino ransomware attacks. Bermuda’s government sustains cyberattacks.

A new APT is found: enter Sandman. Tracking an initial access broker called Gold Melody. Iran’s OilRig group is active against Israeli targets. Cyber ops as an instrument of soft power. Recovery and investigation in the casino ransomware attacks. In our Solutions Spotlight, Simone Petrella speaks with MK Palmore from Google Cloud about talent retention and the cybersecurity skills gap. Our guest is Kristen Marquardt of Hakluyt with advice for cyber startups. And Bermuda points to Russian threat actors.

Ep 1911 | 9.21.23

Don’t get snatched. Trends in phishing, cyber insurance claims, and threats to academic institutions. Hacktivism in the hybrid war. Updates on the ICC attack. MGM says its casinos are back.

CISA and the FBI warn of Snatch ransomware. A look at phishing trends. Ransomware is increasingly cited in cyber insurance claims. Trends in cyber threats to academic institutions. A Russian hacktivist auxiliary disrupts Canadian border control and airport sites. The ICC remains tight-lipped concerning cyberattack. N2K’s Simone Petrella sits down with Chris Krebs at the mWISE conference. In today’s Threat Vector segment, David Moulton from Unit 42 takes a peek into the modern threat landscape with Wendi Whitmore, SVP of Unit 42. And MGM Resorts says it’s well on the way to recovery.

Ep 1910 | 9.20.23

Hacking the ICC. ShroudedSnooper active, simple, and novel. New criminal malware used against Chinese-speakers. More on the materiality of cyberattacks.

The International Criminal Court reports a "cybersecurity incident." ShroudedSnooper intrusion activity is both novel and simple. Criminal malware targets Chinese-speaking victims. The costs of insider risk. More on the casino attacks (and related social engineering capers). In our Learning Layer segment, Sam Meisenberg drops into a CISSP tutoring session and offers some test-taking tips. Our guest is Aaron Brazelton, Dean of Admissions and Advancement at the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering. And the Clorox incident shows how one company navigates unfamiliar new SEC rules.

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