Hacking Humans 6.8.23
Ep 246 | 6.8.23

The rise of ChatGPT: A look into the future of chatbots.

Show Notes

This week, our CyberWire UK Correspondent Carole Theriault is talking with Paul Ducklin from Sophos about where ChatGPT could be going in the future. Joe and Dave share quite a bit of follow up from listeners, discussing several people writing in about dating apps and the men who use them, along with a question from listener Bryan who asks about an email scheme an intern working for his company received. Joe's story hones in on AI, discussing in particular how artificial intelligence is changing the social engineering game forever. Dave has the story on how hackers hide malicious links within pictures to redirect users to phishing sites. Our catch of the day comes from listener Cyrus, who shares an email they received about benefits with a hilarious twist.Links to stories:

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