Research Saturday

Research Saturday

Every Saturday, we sit down with cybersecurity researchers to talk shop about the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and technical discoveries.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 264 | 1.14.23

DUCKTAIL waddles back again.

Mohammad Kazem Hassan Nejad from WithSecure joins Dave to discuss the team’s research, “DUCKTAIL returns - Underneath the ruffled feathers.” DUCKTAIL is a financially motivated malware operation that targets individuals and businesses operating on the Facebook Ads and Business platform. The research states “The malware is designed to steal browser cookies and take advantage of authenticated Facebook sessions to steal information from the victim's Facebook account.” WithSecure has found that after a short hiatus, DUCKTAIL has returned with slight changes in their mode of operation.

Ep 263 | 1.7.23

Stealer malware from Russia.

Marisa Atkinson, an analyst from Flashpoint, joins Dave to discuss a new blog post from Flashpoint’s research team about “RisePro” Stealer, malware from Russia, and Pay-Per-Install Malware “PrivateLoader.” “RisePro” is written in C++ and appears to possess similar functionality to the stealer malware “Vidar.” It's also a newly identified stealer, that began appearing as a stealer source for log credentials on the illicit log shop Russian Market on December 13, 2022. The research states, "Samples that Flashpoint analysts identified indicate that RisePro may have been dropped or downloaded by the pay-per-install malware downloader service “PrivateLoader” in the past year." Analysts identified several sets of logs uploaded to the illicit underground Russian Market, which listed their source as “RisePro.”

Ep 262 | 12.17.22

Hijacking holiday spirit with phishing scams.

Or Katz from Akamai sits down with Dave to discuss research on highly sophisticated phishing scams and how they are abusing holiday sentiment. This particular threat, most recently has focused on Halloween deals, enticing victims with the chance to win a free prize, including from Dick’s Sporting Goods or Tumi Backpacks. It then requests credit card details to cover the cost of shipment. From mid-September to the end of October 2022, Akamai's research were able uncover and track this threat. This kit mimics well known retail stores in hopes to hijack credit card information, feeding off of people's holiday spirit.

Ep 261 | 12.10.22

Cybersecurity during the World Cup.

AJ Nash from ZeroFox sits down with Dave to discuss Cybersecurity threats including social engineering attacks planned surrounding the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The research shares some of the key threats we might see while the World Cup is happening this year. Researchers say "During the World Cup, there will likely be threat actors aiming to acquire personal information or monetary value through phishing and scams." In the research we can find how the venue host is preparing for these claims of attacks.

Ep 260 | 12.3.22

Old malware returns in a new way.

Jeremy Kennelly and Sulian Lebegue from Mandiant sit down with Dave to discuss their research "From RM3 to LDR4: URSNIF Leaves Banking Fraud Behind? One of the oldest and most successful banking fraud malwares, URSNIF, which caused an estimated “tens of millions of dollars in losses”, has been discovered by researchers to have been re-tooled into a generic backdoor, dubbed “LDR4”. This new variant was first observed in June 2022. Mandiant researchers believe that the same threat actors who operated the RM3 variant of URSNIF are likely behind LDR4. They say "given the success and sophistication RM3 previously had, LDR4 could be a significantly dangerous variant—capable of distributing ransomware—that should be watched closely."

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Research Saturday
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