Research Saturday 5.6.23
Ep 280 | 5.6.23

Phishing campaign takes the energy out of Chinese nuclear industry.

Show Notes

Ryan Robinson from Intezer to discuss his team's work on "Phishing Campaign Targets Chinese Nuclear Energy Industry." The research team discovered activity targeting the nuclear energy industry in China. Researchers attributed the activity to Bitter APT, a South Asian APT that is known to target the energy, manufacturing and government sectors, mainly in Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

The article states "We identified seven emails pretending to be from the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan, being sent to recipients in the nuclear energy industry in China. In some emails, people and entities in academia are also targeted, also related to nuclear energy." By luring recipients in, invites them to join conferences on subjects that are relevant to them, they are then able to social engineer the victims.

The research can be found here: