Uncovering Hidden Risks 4.19.23
Ep 8 | 4.19.23

Three Steps to Master Information Governance in Your Organization

Show Notes

Randolph Kahn, a globally recognized leader in information governance and President of Khan Consulting, joins Erica and guest host Natalie Noonan on this week's episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks. Randolph has been an expert witness in significant court cases and is a trusted advisor to corporations and governmental agencies. He is also an accomplished author, speaker, and adjunct professor of Law and Policy of Electronic Information and The Politics of Information. Randolph and Erica discuss Information Governance and the industry trends they are currently seeing in this space. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:      

  • How the increase in regulations affects current data management trends 
  • Why organizations are suffering information mismanagement failures  
  •  If current technology capabilities and functionality are sufficient 

Some Questions We Ask:     

  • What requirements are important for information governance?  
  • Why should organizations take advantage of newer technologies?  
  • What's next after an organization has clearly identified its new requirements?  


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