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Word Notes

A fun and informative infosec audio glossary from the CyberWire.
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Ep 158 | 9.19.23

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) (noun)

Tools that automate the identification and remediation of cloud misconfigurations.

Ep 157 | 9.5.23

Single sign-on (SSO) (noun)

A session and user authentication Zero Trust tactic that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials.

Ep 156 | 8.15.23

two-factor authentication (noun)

An authentication process that requires two different factors before granting access.

Ep 155 | 8.1.23

iCloud keychain (noun)

A cloud based sensitive information management system that allows users access across multiple devices.

Ep 154 | 6.27.23

spam (noun)

Unsolicited, unwanted, and sometimes malicious electronic messages indiscriminately transmitted to a large number of people.

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Word Notes
Rick Howard
Rick Howard is the CSO of N2K and the Chief Analyst, and Senior Fellow at the N2K Cyber, formerly CyberWire. His past lives include CSO at Palo Alto Networks, CISO at TASC, the GM at Verisign/iDefense, the Counterpane SOC Director, and the Commander of the Army's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). Rick served 25 years in the Army, taught computer science at West Point, edited two books and just published his own book, "Cybersecurity First Principles: A Reboot of Strategy and Tactics" and he is regularly joined at the N2K Cyber's Hash Table by a collection of industry experts.
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