Microsoft’s newest podcast, Uncovering Hidden Risks, launches on the CyberWire network.
N2K logoAug 3, 2022

Microsoft’s newest podcast, Uncovering Hidden Risks, launches on the CyberWire network.

FULTON, Md. -- The CyberWire announced today the launch of the newest show from the Microsoft Security team, Uncovering Hidden Risks. This new show joins the other well-known Microsoft Security podcasts on CyberWire’s growing network, including Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson, Security Unlocked, and CISO Series with Bret Arsenault.

Hosted by Erica Toelle, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Purview, Uncovering Hidden Risks is a monthly podcast that will examine how enterprises can develop a holistic approach to data governance and protection to reduce their overall risk. Erica and her guests will explore the end-to-end data protection story, including the people, places, processes, and products enterprises can rely on to mitigate risk. Each episode will feature a panel of Microsoft security professionals and community security and risk experts. 

“We’re proud to host the incredible content that Microsoft Security keeps delivering to CyberWire’s audience and the security community,” said Peter Kilpe, CyberWire’s CEO and Executive Editor. “I love the fun approach by Erica and her team on this new show. They bring such a wealth of experience and perspective to solving the risk challenge.”

“The data governance world evolves so quickly,” said host Erica Toelle. “Everyone wonders how other leaders are approaching these issues and what is working well. I’m excited that this podcast gives us the opportunity to tell the stories of how the world’s biggest companies approach data governance and ask industry experts for their insights.”

Every month, Erica and guests will dive into topics like data governance, internal and external threats, risk management and compliance, industry trends, and customer challenges. Audience members can subscribe today through their favorite podcast app and on the showpage.

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