intelligence definition

Definition of intelligence : noun

  1. In the context of cybersecurity, and not confined to intelligence developed for military purposes, intelligence is knowledge of threats, developed by analyzing various sources of information. The US DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, January 2021 usefully offers three senses of the term: "1. The product resulting from the collection, processing, integration,evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of available information concerning foreign nations, hostile or potentially hostile forces or elements, or areas of actual or potential operations. 2. The activities that result in the product. 3. The organizations engaged in such activities." See also cloud intelligence, electronic intelligence (ELINT), human intelligence (HUMINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT), measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT), open source intelligence (OSINT), signals intelligence (SIGINT), and situational intelligence.
    "The SOC developed intelligence about the criminal threat from analyzing suspicious network traffic."
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