The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.19.20
Ep 1048 | 3.19.20

EU suspects Russia of disinformation. TrickBot’s latest module is a brute. Parallax RAT and the MaaS black market. Pandemic hacking trends. What to do with time on your hands.

Show Notes

The EU suggests that Russia’s mounting an ongoing disinformation campaign concerning COVID-19. Russia says they didn’t do nuthin’. TrickBot is back with a new module, still under development, and it seems most interested in Hong Kong and the US. The Parallax RAT is the latest offering in the malware-as-a-service market. Food delivery services are now targets of opportunity for cybercriminals. Zoom-bombing is now a thing. And some advice from an astronaut. Andrea Little Limbago from Virtru with insights into her career path, guest is Tom Creedon from LookingGlass Cyber on the Asia-Pacific Cyber Conflict.