The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.11.21
Ep 1287 | 3.11.21

More Exchange Server exploitation, and security advice. Updates on the SolarWinds compromise, criminal TTPs, and the Verkada hack. And news not you, but your friends might be able to use.

Show Notes

Norway’s parliament is hit with Exchange Server exploitation. CISA and the FBI issue more advice on how to clean up an Exchange Server compromise. CISA hints at more detailed attribution of the SolarWinds compromise “soon,” and US Cyber Command says military networks were successfully defended. Microsoft’s Kevin Magee of exporting cyber talent. Our guest is Hanan Hibshi from Carnegie Mellon University on their picoCTF online hacking competition. Notes on some evolving criminal techniques, an update on the security camera hacktivist incident, and some news you won’t need, but your friends might.