The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.8.22
Ep 1511 | 2.8.22

Crowdfunding hacktivists and other irregulars. The Molerats have some new tools. Right-to-left override. Arrests in a cryptocurrency money-laundering case.

Show Notes

Diplomacy continues over the Russian threat to Ukraine. In the meantime, hacktivists and others are said to be receiving crowdfunding through alt-coin remittances. The Molerats are back, and they have some new tools. Right-to-left override is being seen again in the wild. Vodafone Portugal is taken offline by a cyberattack. Joe Carrigan on Meta’s ten billion dollar privacy hit. Our guest is Greg Otto from Intel 471 to discuss shifts in ransomware strains. And two arrests are made in a money-laundering case connected with the Bitfinex hack.