The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.9.23
Ep 1841 | 6.9.23

“Better Minecraft” improves gameplay, while also lifting your data. Hallucinations, defamation, and legal malpractice, oh my! Asylum Ambuscade and other wartime notes.

Show Notes

Barracuda Networks urges replacement of their gear. Fractureiser infects Minecraft mods. ChatGPT sees a court date over hallucinations and defamation. Asylum Ambuscade engages in both crime and espionage. The US delivers Ukraine Starlink connectivity. DDoS attacks hit the Swiss parliament's website. My conversation with Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity at CISA. Our guest is Delilah Schwartz from Cybersixgill discussing how the Dark Web is evolving with new technologies like ChatGPT. And BEC crooks see their day in court.

Selected reading.

Barracuda Email Security Gateway Appliance (ESG) Vulnerability (Barracuda)

CVE-2023-2868 (MITRE)

ACT government falls victim to Barracuda’s ESG vulnerability (CSO Online)

CVE-2023-2868: Total Compromise of Physical Barracuda ESG Appliances (Rapid7)

CVE-2023-2868 Detail (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Infected Minecraft Mods Lead to Multi-Stage, Multi-Platform Infostealer Malware (Bitdefender)

New Fractureiser malware used CurseForge Minecraft mods to infect Windows, Linux (BleepingComputer)

IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF FULTON COUNTY (Superior Court of Fulton County)

OpenAI Hit With First Defamation Suit Over ChatGPT Hallucination (Bloomberg Law)